EngagedThis is my son and his fiancee. Is she reluctant, or playful? Does he know where he’s going? What I love about this photo is in their connection, eyes on each other and hands held. The world around us can be stark, sometimes empty, but in relationships we find Life.

We were made for relationships, made to connect with each other. Inevitably we bring brokenness and falsehood into our relationships, but it is Beautiful when we love each other anyway, still holding on to that hand.

Contrary to popular teaching, love is not a transaction. It’s not what you give vs what you get. It is purely what you give. Whenever love transcends oneself, when it is sincerely devoted to the good of another, then it is Beautiful and True.  Pay attention for it, in your relationships and in those around you, notice the Beautiful and True. The moments and acts of other-centered love.

The photo was taken by my niece, Asia Eidson, who is an awesome wedding photographer in Texas (

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