Two new friends took me into the wilderness today, to Eleven Mile Canyon, to go fly fishing for the first time. Not far from home, maybe closer to it.

How many million years does it take for water to carve Eleven Mile Canyon, to polish purity into the riverbed. I don’t know but it made me remember, again, my impatience. What glory will still be flowing long after our short day. I think this beauty pointed me to two truths.

One, sometimes it takes a long time to make a place of beauty but we just need to keep our lives flowing and trust that they will create life-giving places.

Two, we have a severe responsibility to protect what was created before our existence. I’m thankful that this little spot is being protected but ashamed of humanity (and my part in it) for all the habitats and waters we have destroyed.

Real-time flow, slowed to see the unnoticed bed of stones made perfect by water’s gentle persistence.

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