Don’t you love rain falling on soft leaves? When I was a kid my older brother told me that science has proved that rain makes you feel good because it gives off “positive ions”. I was seven, so that worked. I don’t know what it is but rain does make me feel good, as if some kind of healing is falling, saying relax, stop achieving for a second.Ā  Try this nine second video clip of today’s rain, even as a poor substitute for the real thing it might help say what words cannot.

Wouldn’t it be great if people treated each other more like this? More gently. Wouldn’t it be great if kids spent more time staring through windows at rain, like they used to, instead of frenetic pixels simulating combat? Even if they were looking out that window hoping for it to stop so they could go play, it was still soaking a message into their little souls. I think it would be good if we all stopped and watched the rain but then again I don’t live in Seattle šŸ™‚

Notice something beautiful today. Even if it’s raining, perhaps especially if it’s raining.

One thought on “Gentle

  1. I LOVE this! This gentle nudge to see and to listen to raindrops. šŸ’¦ To pause and reflect and breathe. Thank you


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