When Dallas feels like London

There are those who like London-days and those who like Dallas-days. London, often grey, “a bit fresh” as they say, and raining. Dallas, sunny and warm, a bit too warm. I was staying at a hotel by DFW when I took this picture (no color adjustments), and it occurred to me that I was expecting a Dallas-day. I thought, this day hardly qualifies for Beautiful & True! Away from home, alone, airport hotel breakfast, cornflakes in a styrofoam bowl and raining. Then I remembered the events of the previous three days in Texas.

I sat, staring out at the rain and remembered that I got to take my son and his girlfriend to a Lauren Daigle concert (she’s awesome) and I got to play two games of Catan (the Game of Thrones edition) with my sons and soon-to-be daughter-in-law. We ate really well and talked about important and unimportant stuff and laughed and argued and we were family. Plus, we went bowling and I won (I do not like bowling). I am not alone, I only had a moment alone in that airport hotel, but I would be returning to family. Then I remembered that line from An Affair to Remember, “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories”, and I knew the rain was getting to me! That’s when I realized what was beautiful today, memories.

I can often find beauty in the grey day, with hot chocolate or a book or music or reflecting and writing. But for some people the grey days offer little beauty and there is little prospect of sun. If that’s you, perhaps you can find the beauty by remembering it. Take a moment today to be grateful for your good memories.

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