Why the moment matters

I returned to San Diego, my former home, to visit a friend who is dying. Way too young. I took a day to stare at the Pacific, to think about what makes things “matter”. Vastness can do that to you, make you wonder. Stars, mountains, oceans and then there’s me?

At first I scoffed (in my own head) at the tourists with their phones taking pictures of the ocean and then I became one of them. Plus I was experimenting with the slo-mo…

Yes, the ocean is beautiful but isn’t it all those small moments that create that beauty – one crashing wave, one moment of saltwater spray as a seagull glides. It is in the moment where the beauty hides, that’s why it is so important to notice. My friend’s life is too brief, and as we continue to pray for a miracle I also celebrate the beauty of the time he has been given – his faith, generosity, humor and dauntless spirit will always inspire me. His moment, through his choices, made this world more beautiful. I hope to do the same.

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