Designed. Life is exquisite, isn’t it?  This is Torch Ginger (I took the pic in Kauai). Stunning and bold and beautiful, whispering, “Designed!” Life whispers it everywhere. I guarantee that if you have open eyes today, you will notice it. And if you are quiet enough, you will hear the whispered truth. Even if you live in a concrete jungle without a green thing in sight, you don’t need to look any further than your own fingerprints.

Designed. But by what or whom? There are those amongst us who believe that the driving force behind this design is randomness and a pressure to reproduce – survival of the fittest. That a multi-billion letter instruction set of genetic code which finds itself inside each cell of each living thing is constantly shuffling the playlist, and out pops Torch Ginger. Zoom in on the pic, take a close look – lucky mutations, huh?  I lack the faith to believe that.

Not saying that we didn’t evolve, not saying that phenotypes are not derived from genotypes, or that sequences of transcription factors don’t switch genes on and off in a synchronization that allows an organism to participate sensibility within its ecosystem. But we make a choice when we say “it adapted” (by lucky random mutation) as opposed to “it is fitted”.

This grand symphony, the billions of DNA violins and protein cellos in each cell, with their patterns and irreducible complexity, resound in beauty! It is a sacrilege not to notice. The beauty demands something of us, it is calling out, let me heal you.

Let me calm your anxious thoughts. Let me fill your senses with sweetness and show you what resilience looks like. Let me show you seeds that only germinate after fire and forests that talk to each other through their roots. Let me make you wonder at my harmony, patterns and the sticky purposes of each petal. Let me whisper something both frightening and assuring to wake your soul, “Designed.”

Notice something beautiful today.