There is beauty above you. At any time, any place, in all conditions. Raging or at peace, sunset, dawn, or night, the invitation to look up is always offered. And saying yes to that invitation, even if the moment is brief, is always worth it.

This was yesterday’s sky, unfiltered, unedited and impossible to capture. What a funny thought, to think someone could edit the sky. Enhance the blue that invented blue. Why on earth would we want to autocorrect the beauties surrounding us? The very thing that makes it beautiful is its authenticity, that it is not fabricated or enhanced, that it is real. The apple with its spot, the freckle, the struggling little flower is no less worthy than the one photographed and edited.

Today will present us with real moments in the people we meet, in nature or even just the real moments with ourselves. None of it is made better by false filters or autocorrect. The sky yesterday was perfect and today’s will be as well, with or without clouds (I love clouds). No matter if all the people you meet today are mean (surely not) and all the places you go are smothered in concrete, you can always look up and beauty will be ever present. Not asking for attention or demanding your apology for failing to notice. She will be looking back at you with dignity and patience and you will be reflected in her eyes. Beauty is always above you, if you get that ceiling out of the way.

Notice something beautiful today.

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