We seek a flourishing life, yet poverties swirl around us, in us and, sadly, from us. I have dedicated my life to helping children cope with adversity, especially economic poverty. Economic poverty is a serious threat to flourishing and it is a poverty that can be eliminated. Yet, other poverties assail us that are worsening despite financial prosperity. One of those poverties is a brokenness in our relationship with creation (or nature, if you prefer).

We tend to disregard the life surrounding us, walk past it, fail to recognize our connection. We don’t “consider the lilies” anymore, or stare up in wonder at stars like we did when we were kids.

I created Beautiful and True to celebrate, and encourage others to celebrate, beauty as a daily practice. We are surrounded by beauty and when we notice it, let it into us, we are made more grateful. Something in us breathes.

Our relationship with creation, nature, is life-giving. That connection humbles us, places us and teaches those who “consider” it. Go find your healing among the tender green things and your insights from things that chirp. I’m not claiming that a restored relationship with nature can heal all the broken places in our hearts, but I assure you it will be a balm in unexpected ways.

These paintings by @amyaveschallenger capture the gentleness, life and joyful relationship between us and creation. Check out her work, send her an encouraging note. Her website is

Notice something beautiful today!

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